Copyright belongs with their original publishers. This was still far from the center of the dial where I would have more finite control of the volume, but I’ve learned to live with it. Plunk it on a desk under a Mac Mini and you have a pretty resolving music system, especially if you use the volume control on the Mac, which works with the Calyx’s USB input. The soundstage retained its great depth and width, but that is commonplace with my mid-field listening position and the speakers aligned five feet in front of a very long wall. Any differences were usually very small and had mostly to do with refinement and resolution; these models were differentiated by their features, build quality, and prices.

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The Calyx gives you the mix that’s on the recording. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Post 4 of I’m sure you’d rather hear about the wide and deep soundscape and the exquisite focus that made even the most distant back-up singers totally intelligible, which brings callyx back to the DAC’s ability to translate lyrics.

Every instrument sounded more rounded, better defined and with a lot more focus. I’m considering that versus the calyx on audiogon. In any case, the Calyx seems to respond to different cables and footers, so you will quite likely be able to fine tune it to your preference. However, I’m in Japan and we only have V here, so I am not sure that caltx having some effect. The music was rendered in a much more effortless and relaxed fashion, reducing listener fatigue significantly. Also on the rear panel are two small toggle switches.


Balanced outputs are said to slightly decrease distortion, but the higher-than-expected output of these can overload some preamps.

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By this time, you’ve probably guessed the Calyx has no remote control. Guitarist Francis Anil is to his left, cellist Anne Bourne to his right. Intel is the company that developed Thunderbolt and they have managed to get Apple to throw their immense clout behind it. I feel that careful system matching will be required to get the best of the Calyx and I feel that a system leaning to the warmer side of neutral will serve better in this regard and I can see it working well within a system that uses valves for amplification.

Review: Calyx DAC 24/192

This is a big downside for audiophiles who have more than two digital sources. The cost of the gains with the Ddac etc. They sounded “chestier”, as though cac was a mid-bass resonance. Post 18 of If you want optimum sound from a computer, an outboard DAC is essential. I can’t explain the difference for sure, but I suspect the Synergistic Research PowerCell 4 and power cables might have something to do with it, or possibly the MiG footers.

The bass was deeper, tighter and more tuneful, the highs were more liquid and the midrange was more full bodied. Dynamics were also improved somewhat but not to an extent that it drew my attention away from the music. I find it very understated and elegant in black; suitable for the finest homes. Pace, adc and timing are so perfect they do not call ddac to themselves.


With older recordings it takes you back in time right along with the technologies used to make them. The performance jumped significantly.

Perhaps it was unfair to compare the Calyx to the Deltec but as it was the only modern DAC I had to hand, and as it is hand built in the UK higher production costs than Korea I felt it was a reasonably fair thing to do. Yet there is something unreal about such wall to wall acoustic focus. We then moved on to USB input. It probably could do with a better explanation. For further info on thepoint your browser here.

There are no digital recorders in commercial recording studios capable of recording bit music. And this was with the DAC sitting on top of the CD player using its non-skid rubber-like feet, kind of like a race car with street tires.

It has a built in headphone amplifier that is priced very aggressively for the features and performance it delivered.